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World Environmental Day 2k24

Honoring World Environment Day 2024 which carries the theme ,"Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience" with a meaningful initiative! Students' Gymkhana Center (SGC) and National Service Scheme (NSS), guided by the United Nations Organization (UNO), organized a plantation program in RGUKT Srikakulam with the participation of our esteemed Director, Administrative Officer, Finance Officer, Dean Academics, Dean Students' Welfare, NSS Coordinator, Program Officers, Faculty members and our SGC members.we planted 20 saplings for a greener tomorrow. Let's keep growingtowards a more sustainable future!1. **Tree Plantation Drives**: Planting trees on campus to promote greenery and combat climate change.2. **Cleanliness Drives**: Organizing campus-wide clean-up activities to promote hygiene and environmental responsibility.3. **Seminars and Workshops**: Hosting experts to talk about environmental conservation, sustainability, and the importance of protecting natural resources.4. **Poster and Essay Competitions**: Encouraging students to express their ideas and creativity on environmental themes through posters, essays, and other forms of art.5. **Environmental Pledges**: Encouraging students and staff to commit to environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives.6. **Documentary Screenings**: Showing documentaries and films related to environmental issues to educate and inspire the campus community.7. **Eco-Friendly Initiatives**: Launching new sustainability initiatives like waste segregation, recycling programs, or energy conservation measures.To get specific details about the World Environment Day celebrations at RGUKT Srikakulam, it would be best to check their official website or contact the university administration directly. They might have a detailed schedule or report on the activities conducted to commemorate the day.

05-Jun-2024 | Program

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